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Navigating The World of Virtual Events

Before these unprecedented times virtual events were seen as a “second best” alternative to holding your live event. Hybrid events were usually only delivered when we had delegates or speakers from different countries tuning in. Now they are pretty much the only game in town, and with things changing on a daily basis we can all accept that virtual or hybrid is how most of our events will take place in order for us to stay connected. As LIBRA have navigated our way through the world of virtual events we have found that many don’t quite understand what technology you need and how to deliver them effectively. We can provide effective and cost efficient virtual platforms and a fully kitted virtual studio to be able to offer our clients everything from a simple zoom webinar to a full recorded and edited production hosted on our virtual platform. Here at LIBRA we like to keep things simple, you can break online events into three categories Pre- recorded, live broadcast (incorporating pre-recorded) and Hybrid.


At a live event, sometimes there’s so much information to take in delegates can get tired and weary with information overload. Virtual pre-recorded events solve this problem, pre-recorded (on demand) content is uploaded to a platform and can be consumed by your audience at a time and speed that suits them. This option is great for conferences and offering material that doesn’t need an interactive element. LIBRA have a team of camera crew, sound and editing specialists that can create and produce your content with ease and expertise.

Live Broadcast (with pre-recorded elements)

This option is usually filmed in a studio (which we can provide), with possible satellite locations and can be streamed online on multiple platforms. The set and stage will look very much like a TV production, we will provide a back drop (branded with your company colours and logo) and all the camera crew and equipment needed to make your event look like it was produced at BBC broadcasting house! The presenters and crew will be the only people on the set and we can also integrate pre-recorded videos and pieces to camera throughout the production. Remote audiences find this very appealing as it’s the closet experience you can get to a live event, as they can interact with the presenters and speakers with real time Q&A.
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A hybrid event really means you have live audiences across multiple locations. This can work for any type of event such as conferences, seminars, meet the buyers and exhibitions. It combines live in person events with online elements. For example you can host an in-person conference in a venue and stream the event live to remote audiences.

The C word….CONTENT!

Never has it been more important to ensure the content of your conference or business event is engaging and connects your audience. We are here to help you with this by creating impactful opening video’s, animated graphics, sound bites and transitions between each element to ensure your audience enjoys every aspect of your virtual event.

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